Aitor Crash


Vital Stats:
Age: 32
Height: 5'9"
Cock Size: 8"
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Nationality: Spanish
Prefers: Versatile/Bottom

Wild thing! This Spanish stud is WILD...the term "self expressed" does not come near describing the passion and power and extremes of this sex beast! Aitor is sometimes almost romantic, and can have a doe eyed look about him, but don't be fooled, this tattooed tiger is trouble...BIG TIME!! From live stage shows where he throws pissed on underwear into the audience, to fucking spitting and fisting with abandon on camera, to showing off solo by ramming a "sounder" deep down inside his cock shaft from the tip right down slowly to the balls, Aitor will push some buttons...he is wild, he is fun and extreme...and will always surprise! Go for it Aitor - we love you!!


Aitor, Ricky, Armando and Macanao Torres

Armando comes home after his daily jog and finds three hot guys at his... [read more]


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