Morgan Tisme and Brian Dickers

A young man relaxes on a leather couch in the corner of a gay bar. His face is covered with a bandana. He’s inexperienced with men and wants to remain anonymous. He spreads his legs provocatively, undoes his fly, and absentmindedly plays with his dick.

Across the bar, Brian is on his knees sucking Morgan’s mega-dick. They are encouraged to join the anonymous man to show him what great sex looks and feels like…

Bandana Man casually plays with his dick while watching the Morgan/Brian floor show. He likes what he sees. It turns him on.

Brian squats between Bandana Man’s legs and sucks his impressive, rock hard dick. Morgan, keen to get in on the act, kneels behind Brian, getting his tongue lodged firmly inside the bottom boy’s taut little hole to prep it for a bout of deep penetration.

Before long, Morgan and Bandana Man are standing up as Brian kneels between them, sucking their solid, meaty poles, one at a time.

Brian lies on the couch, legs in the air, keenly sucking Bandana Man as Morgan slides his giant dick inside him and starts to thrust. Morgan bangs hard and fast. Brian moans in pure ecstasy.

Bandana Man soon wants his fill, so the two tops switch places. Bandana Man may be relatively inexperienced when it comes to men, but he knows how to bang brutally! He pulls out, whips off his condom and repeatedly bashes his raw dick against the bottom boy’s butt.

Morgan takes over, and gets his juicy dick back inside Brian, just as Bandana Man blows a thick, creamy load all over the bottom-boy’s smooth, well-defined chest. Morgan and Brian lie next to each other and jerk themselves to completion. Morgan is first to shoot, firing watery semen across his belly, before Brian, still dripping with Bandana Man’s juices, adds his own pool of cum to his body.