Matt, Malik and Tony

A gym in a residential district of Paris. Three hot-bodied men work out, totally naked, giant dicks rock solid, ready for anything. Horniness engulfs them and they start to make out. It's just kissing to begin with, but things rapidly move to the next level.

One, Matt, sits on a weights machine while shaven-headed Tony sucks him off. The third guy, Malik, kneels behind Tony and lodges his tongue deep into his pert, muscular ass.

Tony is hungry for meat and gets on his knees to serve Malik, whose enormous, thick, curved dick is the stuff of legend. Matt gets in on the act, presenting his rod for sucking. Within seconds, the three men become a seething, sexual, sleazy, sloppy mass of intense sucking, deep-throating, fingering, snogging, and rimming.

Malik plunges his giant rod deep into Tony’s cute ass. Tony gasps and yells, entering an ecstatic trance, sucking and kissing Matt as he’s brutally blasted from behind.

Malik gets Tony onto his back and continues to bang him with force. Tony is helpless to do anything but scream and gasp to the rhythm of Malik’s ferocious and acrobatic thrusting.

The encounter continues with all three men on a running machine, exploring ever-more daring and extreme positions. Malik is desperate to get his end away and will do anything to find the perfect angle for grinding.

Matt is the first to shoot, spraying a bewilderingly large load all over Tony’s smooth chest. Tony spreads his legs real wide and explodes everywhere, ribbons of spunk flying from the tip of his dick. A sweaty Malik is the last to cum, spraying like a water canon all over the well-used Tony.