Billy Baval & Mathieu Lafitte

Billy likes a bit of danger. He particularly loves sex in public places. He regularly makes out with Mathieu, one of work colleagues. They meet on the steps leading up to the workshop where they both work and don’t care who finds them there! Billy and Mathieu are incredibly highly sexed, so when they get horny, there’s nothing and no one stopping them!

Mathieu finds Billy on the stairs jerking his giant dick and dutifully gets on his knees to service him, seductively sliding his lips up and down Billy’s shaft before taking his work mate’s massive meat deep into his slutty, tight throat.

They’re suddenly engulfed by desire. These two dudes want each other real bad. Billy pushes Mathieu’s jeans down to reveal a rock hard, donkey dick.

Billy pushes Mathieu down onto the steps and preps his ass with a few casual spits. Seconds later, he’s aggressively pushing himself into Mathieu from behind. There’s no romance here - just hard, brutal, animalistic hammering. Mathieu grunts helplessly as spit and lube fly out of his sloppy hole.

Billy leads Mathieu to the top of the stairs and pushes him down, the bottom boy’s long legs high in the air, ready for another round of insanely hard, fast dicking.

The pace and pressure of the pounding is too much for them both to hold on much longer - besides, they both need to get back to work! Billy pulls out and the two men start jerking furiously. Billy blasts first, firing obscene quantities of creamy cum into the air. Moments later, heavy squirts of spunk shoot from Mathieu’s shaft and fall onto the wooden steps below.

They better get a bucket and mop out. Semen can be slippery! Afterall, health and safety first in the workplace!