JD Daniels



Justyn Blade & JD Daniels

So JD comes in and tell Justyn to change so that they can go out and play... [read more]

Nathan & JD Daniels

Whenever JD gets worked up there's not much that can calm him down! But... [read more]

JD Daniels & Daniel Diaz

With ten inches of big black cock madness, JD Daniels is about to give... [read more]

JD Daniels & Derrick Paul

Having a gangster as a landlord isn't always the best thing. When Derrick... [read more]

JD Daniels & Keith Evans

Keith Evans' tight white ass is up against JD's big black dick and it's... [read more]

JD Daniels and Max

JD is back and looking for some more white boys to convert to his big black... [read more]

JD Daniels & Ryan Starr

JD Daniels came out from all the way from the South - Georgia - to our... [read more]

Cuba Santos, JD Daniels, Aron Ridge, Justyn Blayde & Gabriel D'Alessandro

Gabriel just moved to LA from Oklahoma and he's soon realizing these are... [read more]

JD Daniels, Mr Black, Mark Galftone, Robert & Farius

Foreigner Mark Galftone always heard when you come to America you have... [read more]


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