Stef & Ptit

Stef is hanging out at his home, alone and bored, when the door rings unexpectedly. Getting up, he sees a sexy courier waiting for him with a package. The hung man is surprised to find a dildo inside, prompting the courier to comment on it’s large size, but Stef can’t help but brag that his is bigger. The courier is intrigued, giving Stef the idea to invite him inside to prove it.

Stef whips out his massive, hard cock, sending the courier to his knees, eager to suck it. Stef watches as he swallows his meat, teasing him with the dildo that he had delivered. With the real thing between his lips, the courier works hard at worshiping his hung host; loving every throbbing inch of his meat!

Stef loves the attention, turned on by the sudden change in his day. Feeling the courier’s tight hole, he makes sure his cock is good and wet before pushing it deep inside!