Pedro & Gabriel

Upload: Thu, 01/02/2020

Pedro shows up to Gabriel’s place, collecting signatures for a petition. It’s a little chillier than expected, and Pedro is only in his polo and vest. Gabriel sees that the handsome young man is cold and invites him to warm up with some coffee. Pedro turns down the offer for coffee, but is interested in another way of warming up!

Gabriel smiles, happy with his good fortune to have such a handsome man show up at his door. He drops to his knees, pulling out the boy’s cock and taking it into his mouth. He sucks on it as it swells in his mouth, reacting to the warmth of his tongue and hands.

Pedro gets more and more excited, dropping his pen and paper to enjoy his surprise blowjob. Gabriel keeps sucking, feeling Pedro get harder as he goes, gearing up for a hot, afternoon fuck!

Gabriel bends over his counter, opening up his hole for the horny top to mount him from behind. The young man wastes no time in plunging deep into Gabriel’s ass, pounding away at his prostate as he works himself up to climax. Before he knows it, this cold young man has sweat dripping down his temples, holding back as long as he can before blasting a well-earned load!