Morgan & Theo

As Friday night ends and the only people left in the bar are its staff and a few horny dancers. Manning the coat check, Morgan watches Theo step up with a devilish look in his eye. He can tell the handsome, tan man is interested in more than just his jacket! Seeing everyone busy with their end of night work, Morgan invites the sexy man back behind the desk to have a little fun for himself.

Theo gets to work on Morgan’s cock, pulling it out and feeling it rise between his lips. Morgan can’t help but be turned on by Theo’s expert sucking, quickly dropping to his knees to reciprocate. The two are careful to keep quiet and not arouse the attention of the others, knowing full well they’re headed toward a hot, secret fuck...

Morgan bends Theo over, pressing his slick cock between his round, smooth cheeks as he feels it slip inside his tight hole. With Morgan’s member encased in Theo’s hot body, he lets loose and pounds away on his prostate. Theo holds on to anything he can, trying not to moan too loud, finally getting the fuck he’d hoped for all night!