Kid & Alejandro

Alejandro loves Kid Chocolate’s body. His toned, defined muscles and dark, smooth skin make him absolutely melt! He can’t help but be turned on as he peels off each layer of his clothing, revealing more and more of the beautiful man sitting on his couch. Alejandro presses his lips to Kid’s, kissing and tasting him as his hand explores his crotch. Alejandro can feel him grow harder from his touch, making his mouth water in turn...

Sucking the handsome man’s cock, Alejandro slobbers up and down the shaft, as it swells between his lips. He plays with Kid’s large balls, thinking about the hot jizz they’re preparing inside! He worships Kid’s big uncut cock, eager to spread his cheeks and take it deep in his ass.

Bending Alejandro over the couch, Kid Chocolate slides his girthy, wet meat into his tight sphincter, feeling it stretch around him and take him inside. Inch by inch, he fills his sexy bottom’s hole, pounding up against his prostate as he makes him moan loudly. Pounding away on his insides, he drives him wild as he edges closer to orgasm!