Brian & Martin

Brian and Martin felt the steam of the hot tub fill the air as they stroked their cocks under the water. They eyed each other intently, turning off the bubbles so they could see each other’s naked body clearly from across the tub. Martin stood up to show his massive cock, glistening and ready to be taken down a hungry cocksucker’s throat...

Brian couldn’t resist the temptation of the lean man’s cock, sucking it down as he massaged it between his lips. Feeling himself edge closer to orgasm, Martin brought Brian back to his bathhouse room, aching to feel his meat inside Brian’s hole. The eager bottom bent over, feeling the tip of the tan stud’s cock slide between his cheeks, pounding up against his prostate.

Brian’s tall, strong body withstands each thrust from his hot top. Martin felt his nuts fill up, ready to burst as he felt his cock begin to pump inside Brian’s hole!