Gabbo & Theo

Subir al servidor: Jue, 08/27/2020

Theo leans back on his bed, pulling out his cock as Gabbo’s mouth waters for his shaft. The young cocksucker loves the look of Theo’s thick, uncut meat; taking it between his lips as it works its way to the back of his throat. He can feel it swell up in his palm, getting bigger and harder with each bob of his head. Theo watches with delight, enjoying the full servicing from his handsome buddy...

Gabbo knows the best way to get Theo’s thick cock between his soft, smooth cheeks is a good blowjob. He’s horny for a deep, gut-splitting fuck, and he’ll do whatever it takes to get it.

Theo holds out for as long as he can, but he, too, is inclined to pry the young man’s ass apart with his shaft! Bending him over, Theo slides his cock in and pounds at Gabbo’s hole as he presses up against the wall. He can feel every thrust deep in his loins, bringing him closer and closer to orgasm!