Tony & Stany

Waiting for his buddy Stany to show up for a little distraction, Tony kills time in an alleyway. He can feel his cock tingling for some action just as the handsome man comes through the door! And without a moment’s hesitation, the two horny euro studs unzip their jeans and immediately get to action sucking each other off...

Tony drops to his knees to swallow Stany’s meat, tasting it as it passes over his tongue and fills his throat. Stany watches as Tony handles his massive member, dropping his pants and exposing a nice, round ass.

Spitting on the tip of his cock, Stany bends the muscular Tony over and slides his cock deep into his hole, dominating his insides with his hard shaft as he braces himself against the concrete walls. The dominant top holds nothing back as he pounds into his bottom’s backside, working him over hard as he edges closer to cumming!